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(Mito) Camara

formerly of Les Ballets Africains from Guinea, West Africa

Mamadouba Mito Camara, Jembefola
was born in Conakry, Guinea in 1976. In 1989, Kemeko Sano, Artistic Director of the world famous national ballet of Guinea, Les Ballet Africains, witnessed Mito's explosive and precise drum style at a local performance and his only comment was, "We need him." In a land of dynamic drummers and performers, this statement was more than a compliment and a blessing, it was an honor. With this undeniable invitation from the Ballet, Mito was soon on his way. At age 15, Mr Camara held Ballet Africains 1st accompaniment chair for a few years until he was eagerly promoted to lead soloist chair, of which he held for an additional 6 years. Touring all over the world for 11 years, Mito looks back fondly at his time with the Ballet. "You sing, you dance, you drum, you learn about others traditions and languages, you learn everything in the Ballet." Today, Lewis Segal of the Los Angeles Times said, "Among featured musicians, Mamadouba Mito Camara embodies djembe virility.

Mito has recently re-located to Columbus, Ohio. Check back for more information.

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